Secretsundaze Studios Remote – In-Depth Written Feedback

Earlier this month we announced Secretsundaze Studios Remote, a new online feedback service provided by our team of professional studio engineers. Remote offers aspiring producers and artists the chance to mature their sound, finish tracks and get demo-ready without leaving the house. Simply put, projects are submitted online, and within 48-hours engineers provide detailed analysis across technical and creative aspects of tracks, plus suggestions on improvements and how to take those essential steps to finish projects. Feedback comes in two forms – In-Depth Written Feedback or 1-2-1 Video Sessions.

Since launching the response has been fantastic, but the one thing people are repeatedly asking is how the written feedback is structured. Below you can see exactly how the written feedback is laid out, and the level of detail and technicality offered by Nathaniel Pearn AKA DrumTalk, our renowned producer and studio engineer who’s released records on Huntleys & Palmers, Soundway and Moxie’s On Loop to name but a few.

The PDF starts with overall impressions of the track, before stating the tracks strongest and weakest elements. Already from this, the feedback surpasses one you might receive from a friend or fellow producer both in structure and technicality, but the next sections, pinned to track times in Soundcloud, are where the service really sets itself apart. Analysis on sound design, arrangement, and the mix, plus thoughts on next steps and strategy provide producers with the tools to develop their sound and ready tracks for demo.
An invaluable service that feels especially pertinent in the present context, to celebrate the launch we’re offering 20% off all bookings made during April. For our rates and information on how to submit tracks, please contact our Studio Manager Luke: luke@secretsundaze.net