Open House Sessions

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Making music can be a solitary practice, as producers we’re often locked away in an isolated environment and without the interaction with our peers. Valuable interaction can really help push your sound forward and help to make sure tracks reach their full potential.⁣

Secretsundaze Studios is a community-focused recording studio, seeking to nurture talent and help foster creativity. We have created our Open House Sessions to provide an open forum for producers to spend an evening in the studio, to hear their tracks in our acoustically treated environment, meet like-minded artists and receive constructive feedback on your work.⁣

We’ll be opening the studio doors on a bi-monthly basis for a free evening session, for all genres and producers of all abilities welcome. ⁣

Get in touch now and submit your work for⁣ our next session.

Develop your sound, get demo ready, become part of the family!⁣