Introducing our new tutors, Andrew Reynolds and DrumTalk


Andrew Reynolds

Classically trained in composition at the Royal College of Music and the Royal Northern College of Music, Andrew Reynolds is an engineer, music tutor and award-winning producer. His work has featured at BBC Radio 6 Music Festival, Berlin Music Video Awards, Encounters Film & Animation Festival and Zealous X Film Festival. Andrew is soon to release under his own name on Mall Grab’s new label, Steel City Dance Discs

Nathaniel Pearn (DrumTalk)

Nathaniel Pearn AKA DrumTalk is a London based producer. His synth and percussion heavy take on club music takes in influences from Chicago, New York, London and Detroit, as well as sounds from West Africa and the Caribbean. He has released records on Huntleys & Palmers, Soundway, Crosstown Rebels and Moxie’s On Loop.