Jan 1, 2019

Tuition & Training

written by StudiosAdmin

Below you can find the various tuition & training options we offer…

Studio Production Course

  • Take your skills from bedroom production to “demo ready”
  • Professional analogue hardware studio 
  • 6 week duration
  • Small class of 3 like-minded producers
  • Hands-on personalised tuition
  • Taught by professional producers/engineers
  • Artist development from the Secretsundaze team

“Loved working with Nathaniel at the studio. Was a really interesting process learning how a lot of the hardware worked and gave me a greater knowledge on shaping sounds and getting the final product sounding more developed. Would recommend everyone to spend a few weeks with these dudes.” Bobby Analog (Body Fusion Records)

Learn the skills and techniques of professional music production using Ableton Live or Logic Pro and get out-the-box with analogue hardware, taught in our unique studio space by experienced music producer and engineer Nathaniel Pearn (Drum Talk, Huntley’s + Palmers).

This six week program features personalised tuition and small classes of just 3 participants, meaning you receive plenty of hands-on time with your tutor, working to develop your skills and sound as an artist in a professional studio environment. Participants come away from the course with at least one track finished to a demo ready standard and you’ll receive artist development guidance and feedback from the Secretsundaze team to help evolve and mature your work, ready to send on to labels. 

The course is taught over 6 weeks with weekly 3 hour evening classes and topics include synthesis, programming, sampling, audio editing, EQ, FX, dynamics and other advanced skills. We use Ableton Live 10 or Logic Pro X software, as well as a number of third party plug-ins, and we incorporate the use of hardware and vintage analogue gear to provide a fully rounded experience in the studio. Get in touch to apply.

Electronic Music Theory & Composition Course

  • Skills & techniques to finish your projects
  • Never get stuck with loops again
  • Small class of 4 like-minded producers
  • 6 week duration
  • Weekly evening classes in the studio
  • Taught by classically trained pro producer

“The course was fantastic, it helped develop my understanding of music theory and how to use it as part of my own productions. Andrew was patient, had great attention to detail and really wanted to make sure we understood the content of the course. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!” Gavin Merry (Pretty Pretty Good)

Taught by classically trained composer and producer Andrew Reynolds (Steel City Dance Discs), the focus of this program will be the foundations of music theory in its application to the composition of electronic music.

By developing an understanding of music theory, you’ll gain greater insight into the ways in which tracks can be developed and finalised with a more dynamic approach to composition and arrangement. Our aim is to take participants beyond the stage of getting stuck with track loops, to a point where you are composing effective and interesting music which reflects a solid understanding of music theory. We’ll arm you with the skills and techniques you need to finish your tracks to a high standard every time.

We’ll cover rhythm, scales, modes, chords, intervals, time signatures, key signatures, song structures, arrangement and composition techniques, working towards the completion of a demo track at the end of the program. Detailed personal feedback on your work will be given each studio session, with the ongoing opportunity to practice, demonstrate and consolidate your new skills. By the end of the 6 weeks participants will have a thorough grasp of the foundations of music theory and the composition of electronic music. Get in touch to apply for a place.

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Weekend Studio Production Course

  • Intensive training for intermediate level producers
  • Professional analogue hardware studio 
  • Small class of 4 like-minded producers
  • Featuring hands-on personalised tuition
  • Delivered over one weekend

Taught by Tony Nwachukwu (CDR / Attica Blues),Nathaniel Pearn (Drum Talk, Huntley’s + Palmers) andAndrew Reynolds (Steel City Dance Discs), our weekend music production course offers a comprehensive guide to making music in a professional studio environment, delivered over one weekend in a small class of just 4 participants. Taught in a personal, hands-on and responsive style, Ableton Live and Logic Pro X will be the focus and incorporating the use of hardware and vintage analogue gear. Participants will be sure to receive a fully rounded studio experience. There are still a few spots left for the next session, get in touch for more info and to apply.

Bespoke 1-2-1 Tuition

  • Bespoke training packages tailored to your specific needs
  • Taught by professional producers / engineers
  • Flexible sessions arranged to fit your schedule
  • Top up your program with extra studio sessions
  • Catering to all levels of experience

If you are a beginner and new to music production, or if you are looking for a custom program of advanced tuition, then we can create a bespoke package of training tailored to suit your individual needs. We’re happy to put together a program of custom 1-2-1 training sessions, taught by one of our in-house professional producer tutors, with a focus on the skills and techniques that you need. Topics can include everything from basic music production, analogue hardware and outboard gear, advanced mixing, sound design, artistic development and all in between. This fully flexible option allows for tailored training with studio sessions arranged to fit your schedule, with studio sessions available across weekdays, evenings and weekends. 

If you’d like to find out more and discuss your specific needs then get in touch for more info and to chat in person.