Secretsundaze Studios

A community focussed recording studio nurturing the sounds of artists across all levels


Develop your sound, get demo ready, become part of the family…

Secretsundaze Studios is a community focussed recording studio nurturing the sounds of up and coming music artists, across all levels. Our purpose is to help further the progression of high quality, authentic, dance music in London and beyond. We provide an expert team of engineers teaching group and one on one classes, within our high quality analogue studio environment and remotely across the globe, to help artists get release ready.

Based in the heart of the Secretsundaze HQ at The Laundry in London Fields, East London, the studio is the home of our artistic community, our own personal studio and the perfect space to create, record and collaborate.

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The Team

Will is a Dorset-born producer and DJ, now based in London having studied Popular Music at Goldsmiths. He cut his teeth working at Soho record institution Phonica, as well as releasing his debut EP on their main label. As a producer, Will has a unique style forging dark atmospheric soundscapes and broken percussion, with his most recent EP being a mix of deep and well crafted electronic sounds, with influences from jungle, IDM and hip-hop.


At Secretsundaze Studios we have created a space full of character, the studio is packed with vintage analog equipment as well as some of the latest instruments from the likes of Roland and Korg. Studer preamps in the desk, and various different valve stages from outboard gear help to give that all important analog edge to a digital project, using Apogee converters to capture and represent that presence and warmth in the mix. Adding to your creative juices and bringing that all important vibe to your tracks, we have a Fender Rhodes and a vintage Akai valve tape machine, plus a selection of synths old and new, with the whole set up running through our stunning Rogers BBC design LS5/8 and Meyer Sound HD1 monitors. Check out our full equipment list here.


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