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After 15 years of throwing parties in the UK and beyond, we’ve decided to spread our wings a little further with the opening of the Secretsundaze Studios. Based in the heart of the Secretsundaze HQ at The Laundry in London Fields, East London, it’s the home of our artistic community, our own personal studio and the perfect space to create, record and collaborate. If you’re looking to hone your craft, you can book tuition sessions with one of our immensely talented in-house tutors, and the studios are also open for general hire with one of our in-house sound engineers available upon request.

Making the studios an extension of what we do with Secretsundaze has allowed us a lot more freedom and creativity to work on different projects and to open up to our existing audience. We’ve also been able to hook up with some old friends and people we’ve worked with over the years, like Tony Nwachukwu who was a regular guest at our sister party ‘all over my face’, as well as George Levings aka Secretsundaze recording artist Endian and Commix and our good friend Sam Jones from SoundThread.

We’re looking forward to hosting more of our monthly Out The Box open studio sessions and continuing to welcome a range of artists to work with, including Henry Wu, K15, Harvey Sutherland, Damiano Von Erckert and Matias Aguayo. We’re also excited to be running various training and tuition programs alongside other regular studio projects.

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At Secretsundaze Studios we have created a space full of character, the studio is packed with vintage analog equipment as well as some of the latest instruments from the likes of Roland and Korg. Studer preamps in the desk, and various different valve stages from outboard gear help to give that all important analog edge to a digital project, using Apogee converters to capture and represent that presence and warmth in the mix. Adding to your creative juices and bringing that all important vibe to your tracks, we have a Fender Rhodes and a vintage Akai valve tape machine, plus a selection of synths old and new, with the whole set up running through our stunning Rogers BBC design LS5/8 and Meyer Sound HD1 monitors. Check out our full equipment list here.


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